What Clients has say about Victor’s Coaching and Consulting:

Victor Kwegyir of Vike Invest’s valuable advice and coaching have been very helpful to us in branding, restructuring, maximising our potential and pointing us in the right direction to reaching our target market as well as branching into other sources of income as an entity. Vike Invest services are highly recommended.

Jubril-Art Osunde
Founder Director Waru Limited
(Waru Management & Consulting)

Victor Kwegyir is a business coach and consultant with in an depth knowledge and skills in mentoring a  “Pro” into an expert. I have been under Victor’s mentorship programme for 4 years. During the 4 years I have established 2 businesses at its infancy now, but steadily growing. One great coaching experience was on pitching my business plan to a group of business consultant. Victor advised me to use a PowerPoint presentation and give the panel the unique selling points. It was a success , I got the start up business loan. Victor has been a great coach, mentor and advisor on the day to day running of my businesses. Victor now sends me daily video clips as his valuable and successful customer. Victor is truly a business guru.

Sarah Bikwa
Vocational Consultant
Streams of Hope Foundation | Recruitcare Professionals Ltd

I must say Victor has been very instrumental in my business. Fortunately for me Victor contacted me personally after an online broadcast. I had never seen nor heard of him priory to then. The most I can say is if he is not God sent then there aren’t many of his kind. If you take his advice I can only guarantee success in your chosen field. Not only did he do follow ups but he recommended me to potential customers. Victor has been phenomenal, his timing is exact and suggestions are spot on. I will recommend him any day.

Yaa Anima Anima Misa Gyampoh
Facebook: green essentials let nature pamper you

Before I worked with Victor, I had been stuck on ways in which my company could increase revenues.

In one session alone, Victor was able to break some of my limiting beliefs and I had the clarity and action required in order to increase revenues.

I would highly recommend Victor’s services to entrepreneurs who would like to uplevel their buisness. Victor brings value by encouraging you to see things from a different perspective.

Catherine Engmann
Founder, Platinum Corporate Solutions, Accra

I have been advised in my business by Victor, his expertise is highly appreciated. He has a good understanding of my issues and was able to give adequate advice on how to move forward. I’m blessed.  I’ll recommend Victor to my business friends.

Chris Kator
Protection Adviser
Ellmira Services Limited

“I can confidently say that Victor has helped us in a number of ways in developing the right documentation for our Charity Footprints365. The comprehensive Business Proposal he put together for instance, helped us secure 100% of the funding required for our school building project in Ghana. Not only that, the quality of information has been very useful in helping launch the charity internationally, starting with Angola.
I highly recommend his services as he’s an experienced professional who knows what to do and how to do it.”

Dorothy Gyebi-Ababio
Founder & Ambassador
Footprints365 Charity Organisation

Victor has deep insight on business strategies. He helped me from my business idea stage to the reality stage by putting everything on paper black and white. He knows how to twig your business to make it stand out. He’s always on standby to advice on the next stage. His service goes beyond his quote. I will recommend him anytime, any day.

Kwabena Osei
CEO: Prestige Car Wash Ltd.

“Just want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you for helping my company Lazejewelleries to identify, develop the best marketing and the best way to advertise my business. This has really helped my online business (www.lazejewelleries.com).”

Aisha Bello
CEO & Founder

Victor Kwegyir is very a passionate resolute and humble person who knows his stuff. Discussions on business related subject throws him right into his element. His timely counsel and practical advice helped move our business forward He is intelligent, resourceful and a rising voice in the market place. His books are practical and inspiring. If you have dreams of making that desired shift from being an employee to an employer, Kwegyir is highly recommended.

Mrs A Dumaka
Rising Stars Nursery & Daycare Ltd

What Leaders and Events hosts say about Victor’s Speaking Services:

Victor is very knowledgeable and passionate about his topic. Having organised and attended many business conferences; I can say that Victor’s method of delivery was outstanding. He gave a dynamic and valuable insight on “how to turn your passion into business”. The Teaching was very informative and serves as an excellent guidepost with a clear direction on how to start and run your own business. Overall, everyone was imparted and empowered.

Pastor Joy Adegboyega
Founder: WOVAS Ministries

We had the honour of the unique ministry of Victor Kwegyir at our business summit in May this year which was delivered with power, accuracy, wisdom and backed by power and proofs. I highly recommend the teaching and coaching ministry of Victor any day, any time.

Bishop Dr. Michael Hutton-Wood
MA; Ed.D; Ph.D
Senior Pastor @ House of Judah
Director CEO Leaders Factory Int’l.

“Victor Kwegyir brings great enthusiasm and deep insight in addressing the issue of entrepreneurship. Victor has a way of presenting complex ideas in an easy to understand manner. We were delighted to have him speak recently at our Men’s breakfast meeting, the meeting went down very well and there are already plans to have him as a regular speaker at subsequent breakfast meetings.

His presentation is inspiring, informative, insightful and relevant. Victor is a true asset to the business and church community.”

Frank Bediako
Assistant Pastor
Kharis Ministries, London

“Victor gave a really great presentation on the Importance of financial planning for the small business owners at the LBHF Enterprise Club last week. The presentation was clear, interesting and to the point. Victor has inspired the future business owners but has also made them think about the significant of the good financial planning for every business. We’ll definitely be having Victor back again for another talk.”

Snjezana Maclean
LBHF Coordinator Enterprise Club

What authors are saying about Victor’s Writing and Publishing Services:

If you take a closer look at this book,you will see a perfect finished product. The truth is all this is the work of Victor Kwegyir.

All I did was to give him the book manuscript and he did everything. From editing, proofreading right up to publishing the book onto the international scene in both Paperback and EBook formats.Victor took every aspect of my book in a very professional manner and through out the process of producing the book he gave me very sound and genuine advise.

I found Victor to be very knowledgeable in every aspect of book publishing.

My book “From Religion to Christianity” is available to order in paperback format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in eBook on all platforms worldwide. You will find the book to be very impressive from the cover and through out the whole book and from this one can clearly see Victor’s excellent work.

I recommend Victor with no hesitation to assist anyone wishing to publish a book.

Cleopas S.T. Chigwada
Senior Pastor Christ-in-me Church
Author of the book :From Religion to Christianity

What Readers say about Victor’s Books:

Victor Kwegyir is an inspirational businessman who has a voice for this century. His 5 books empowers individuals who are looking at changing their career. Victor Kwegyir’s books are a full mentorship programme for starters and those who are already in business but at crossroads. His books has helped me to shape my vision into purpose. The books have equipped me to turn my passion into business. If you want immediate change I highly recommend you to invest into these powerful resources.

Sarah Bikwa
Vocational Consultant
Streams of Hope Foundation | Recruitcare Professionals Ltd

“This book is for people who want to start a business and to those who have been in business for many years. “The Business You Can Start” crosses both divides in helping those who have been in business for some time - to rethink their proposition, revisit their plans and policies, and to look at what they already have to develop some new ideas – and to those who want to but do not know where to start. It’s a good read and fresh approach, easy to read for any intelligent person and I think would help many out there in starting and growing successful businesses.”

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE
Chair - ACBN
Founder: Choice FM Radio, expert in SMEs, Event Management, PR, Communications Guru – London, UK.

A lot of times we feel as though we have to wait until the “perfect time” to start the business that we want for ourselves and begin doing the work that we feel like is right for us. In his new book THE BUSINESS YOU CAN START Victor Kwegyir shows that there is no perfect time, and that we can begin today in the planning of what we want from ourselves and our business.

The book takes you through the practical steps of what it takes to not only outline your business plan but what you will need in terms of executing that plan. Ironically the book allows you to see that even the current economic situation shouldn’t be enough to stop you from going for your dreams. What it should do, however, is make you even that much more serious about seeing it succeed. When things are going well, we are more willing to take risks. It takes real determination to say that you are willing to go out on a limb and try something when times are not as easy. That is what Victor is urging you to do…if you are really serious about being your own boss and making it work.

Written in a practical way with tips and quotes that will help you along your journey to being successful, THE BUSINESS YOU CAN START will give you the tools you need where you are in your life.

Cyrus A. Webb
Amazon No. 1 Reviewer.
Founder of “Conversations Book Club” (Jackson, MS) & Conversation Live Radio Host, USA

“This book is a must read if you have any business plans at all. It is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to digest. I could not drop the book from the day I opened it until I completed reading it. Shortly after I was highly privileged to attend the writer’s seminar together with great speaker like Pastor Matthew and I was totally blessed. I call it the ‘BOOK You CAN and MUST READ'”

Freda Lutterodt
Founder & Director - Sakra College - London, UK

“THE BUSINESS YOU CAN START; Spotting The Greatest Opportunity In The Economic Downturn” is a concise step by step guide on how to start your business. It is a blue print for successful business. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners.”

Mrs Chris- Kuye
CEO, Mocktails and Nibs - London, UK

“This book is a very useful tool in guiding those who are interested in starting their own business. It has a wealth of information that you will richly benefit from. The principles outlined in this book will guide you to the road of success and you will maintain staying power once you are there. It is clearly written, easy to read, with examples to help navigate you through the process of going into business for yourself. The words will sink in where you will understand the writer and you will be motivated to act on them. This book is valuable to your library for your road to success in owning and operating your own business. - Be blessed Victor. Your book has truly been a blessing and I have recommended it to friends and family.”

Betty Stephen
Founder & CEO of Born to Fly Publications, New York, USA

“The Business we can Start” an all time book for anyone looking for a direction on how to start a business and analyse risks and opportunities from a broader as well as narrower perspective. It is also a good research tool for anyone in the business field not to miss out.”

T.Manuella Nayituriki
Health Insurance agent – Quebec, Canada

The Business You Can Start: I was very much pleased with the great work and thought that has been put on this book. I found it not only informative but also very precise to the business models that you can adopt and provides guidelines on things to consider when starting an enterprise such as pricing, selling, branding, marketing, advertising.

It doesn’t have a lot of jargon therefore making it an easy read and understanding every single point. It’s a great reference point and can be used as a work book as you do a check list of which direction you want to take in business i.e. sole trader, limited company, partnership etc. After reading this book it filled in some of my blank spaces and as of now I have managed to register my own company and racing to occupy my place in the market place.

Lesly Dube
Project Manager & Aspiring Entrepreneur - London, UK

“This is the kind of book you read through once and then go back and study it page by page. It has helped me to begin to see that my ideas can become reality. A great book”.

Mrs Kemba
Aspiring Entrepreneur - London, UK

“The business you can start book” has empowered me to think differently about money, investing, taking risks, seeing problems as opportunities and time as the most valuable asset. Don’t start business without it. Get your copy now!!

Charles Nelson
Mirror Image Portrait LTD,
Co-Founder & Managing Director - London, UK

“The Business you can start” offers practical insights into how to start your own business. There is such a wealth of research and information which leaves us very little room for excuses not to pursue our God given dreams. Well done for such a thorough and insightful book. Yes you can!

Julia Doe
Gospel Singer - London, UK

“My first impression of the book was “Can this book cover all there is to a starting and growing a business and the guide to writing a business plan?” Upon reading, I was impressed on how it cuts across the spectrum; It serves both the most ignorant as well as others who know it all but need a systematic guide to help them through the process. It is unbelievably simplified, very practical and definitely has no frills. It demystifies the process of creating a business plan, no hidden secrets! Everything you think should be explained in a business plan is found in this book. As a teacher, I have researched and read a number of business plan guides, this book seems to be able to de mystify the process. There are no hidden secrets. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I feel confident now about writing my business plan, starting and growing a successful business.”

Professional Teacher/Aspiring Entrepreneur - London, UK

“I found this book to be highly informative, practical and filled with facts. After reading it, I was convinced that it is possible to start a business at any time, especially in times of economic recession. This book builds a compelling case and provides key information for laymen without a business background on starting a successful, robust commercial enterprise. I will recommend it to anyone, regardless of their work status.”

Technical Analyst - London, UK

“The book has inspired me to start my own business due to what I gained from reading it. I recommend to anyone who want to start his/her own business to buy this book. I believe that after reading it you will equally be inspired to start you own business as am about to do.”

Mr M Bangira
Aspiring Entrepreneur - London, UK

“The Business you can start” is a good book for anyone starting out on the path of business. It’s a good step by step guide for up and coming entrepreneurs and business owners.”

Ben de Wet
Business owner - London, UK

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