“Turning Ideas into Successful Businesses”

Victor Kwegyir

Author, Business Coach & Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Speaker, Ghost Writer and Publisher


Challenging and equipping entrepreneurs to work smarter and improve results for maximum success is our commitment. Our mission is accomplished only when aspiring entrepreneurs become well established and existing businesses become market leaders, achieving even greater success.

My Books

The Business You Can Start

This book helps you:
- Turn your ideas into SUCCESSFUL businesses
- Identify 30 ways to spot new business opportunities NOW!!!

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Pitch Your Business Like a Pro

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Winning Investor Support for Success. What You Need to Know to Gain Funding from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists,

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Beyond the Passion

This book establish for you what passion really does for you in business and why it takes more than ‘following your passion’ to succeed.

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The Business You Can Start - Workbook Edition

Practical exercises for getting YOU started in business.

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You’ve Been Fired, Now What

This book we share with you:
- The way forward
- 16 benefits of starting your own business

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Quotable Quotes for Business

Sharing over 250 quotes of Business Lessons, Principles and Strategies, carved out from over 20 years’ experience in business.

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If what you have in mind does not place a demand on you to relearn, reorganise, discipline or challenge you to do t…
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A well crafted strategy helps the business manage its resources better with the mindset that there is always a bett…
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Other than knowledge of the products and services, show of understanding of what your customer needs, let them alw…
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Every decision has a short term, medium term and long term impact. It is often in the details we miss the opportuni…
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BBC News - Chris Gardner: The homeless man who became a multi-millionaire investor

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